New Kite-Safari season in sunny Egypt!

This is the 10th Kite-Safari season!

This is the 10th season of Kite Safari we arrange in Egypt. So much happened in the meantime: the Egyptian revolution, the wind speed around 25 meters per second, the Cristal with lobsters, and sashimi with tuna fished personally. We have seen not only the storm but also the yacht grounding. However, the main thing is that we’ve charged with incredibly positive energy and learned to kitesurf. The newbies were learning the ropes, while more experienced kitesurfing riders were practicing skills on new tricks, demonstrating strong progress.

We possess the best conditions guaranteed for training on kitesurfing and kite-safari, as confirmed by enthusiastic feedbacks.

Safari Benefits with

Kite-Safari for beginners

For beginners:

  • Flat and smooth water surface;
  • Perfect flat;
  • Individual programs under the guidance of experienced instructors;
  • Complete safety and control;
  • Training lectures and seminars; fault analysis;
  • Difficulty-level selection in a step-by-step learning of kitesurfing.

For advanced kiteboarders:

  • Skills sharpening (high jumps with long time descending, front & back roll);
  • Opportunity to level up and practice the skills (blind landing, different Raley-based tricks);
  • New tricks learning (unhooked kiteboarding);
  • Gaining a new progress in kitesurfing.
Kite-Safari for advanced kiteboarders
Luxury yachts on Kite-Safari

Luxury yachts

  • Newly-constructed comfortable yachts (with all amenities, including a minibar and air conditioning equipment);
  • Four decks with cabins, restaurants, bars, and cozy sundeck;
  • Delicious restaurant food, selected upon individual preferences;
  • Empathetic, friendly and responsive team;
  • Convenient mooring areas near the islands; constant tailwind and all the necessary conditions for training.


  • Amazing atmosphere of cohesive team;
  • Coziness and opportunity to dive into the bliss of kitesurfing;
  • Experienced, motivated and success-oriented team;
  • Broadening the horizons among smart and intelligent people company;
  • Trolling;
  • Paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and snorkeling;
  • Surfing the breaking waves, scuba diving to the sunken ships;
  • Cinema, wine, domino, discos, and parties.
Leisure on Kite-Safari
Kite-Safari in Egipt
Kite-Safari in Egipt
Kite-Safari in Egipt
Kite-Safari in Egipt
Kite-Safari in Egipt

Kite-Safari Program

1 day

  • Arrival, meeting at the airport and transfer to the New Marina (center of Hurghada), yachts mooring;
  • Accommodation on the yacht, acquaintance, overnight accommodation on yacht at the port.

2 day

  • Upon the presence of the wind: training for beginners, kiteboarding. In the evening – leisure activities, debriefing, training and developing seminars;
  • With no wind, but with desire: wakeboarding, paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, sunbathing, walking to the nearest islands;
  • Regardless of the weather: photos, videos, selfies.

2–6th day

  • Before the lunch: training, riding, honing the skills;
  • After the lunch: return to Hurghada and the final party in New Marina.

7th day

  • efore the lunch: kitesurfing, training.
  • After the lunch: transference to Hurghada. Evening afterparty in New Marina.

8th day

  • Transfer to the airport. Returning.


18-25 April

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25-2 April May

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2-9 May

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45 meters in length and 10 meters in width. 16 comfortable cabins with climate-control equipment, TV, fridge, minibar, restroom (toilet, shower, hot and cold water). 8 cabins on the lower deck, 4 cabins on the second deck and 4 super suits on the third deck.

Kite-Safari Prices in Egypt

“Standard” Cabin

Twin Room

1200 euros/person

“Comfort” and “Suite” Cabins

Double Room

1300 euros/person

“Luxury” and “Master Suite” Cabins

Luxury Double Room with Balcony

1400 euros/person

The prices include:

  • Airport-yacht-airport transfer;
  • Accommodation on the yacht;
  • Three meals a day and snacks upon individual menu;
  • Tea, coffee, and unlimited soft drinks in the bar;;
  • Equipment storage and kiteboard testing;
  • Wakeboard, paddleboard, training seminars, rescue.

Separately paid:

  • Flight (booking is possible);
  • Egypt Visa (25$ — receiving at the airport of Hurghada);
  • Alcohol availability in Duty free and on yacht;
  • Kitesurfing training: 80 euros/hour, 500 euros/a weekly course (the price includes the instructor service, insurance and equipment rental);
  • Equipment rental: 30 euros/1 hour, 60 euros/ 1 day, 300 euros/safari period;
  • Scuba diving with instructor: 1 diving — 35 euros;
  • Tips for team: 50 euro/person;
  • Tips for instructors — optional.

Kitesurfing arrangements:

  • Shorty wetsuit in 2-3 mm or wetsuit tops;
  • Boardshorts;
  • Wetsuit jackets;
  • Water shoes for kiteboarding;
  • Sunscreens;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Medicine that you may need (there’s a first aid kit on yacht);
  • Purchase alcohol in Duty free, if needed;
  • Medical insurance. Preferably, sports insurance.

How to make a booking

International Passports Data: last name, name, passport number, date of birth, expiration date of passport

Our contacts

  • If you have any questions, please call:
    +7 921 744 30 11
  • Contact us by whatsapp, telegram, viber via:
    +7 921 744 30 11
  • Prior application by e-mail:

Booking confirmation

  • 50% prepayment of the Kite-Safari costs;
  • In case of trip cancellation in less than a month — prepayment is not refundable.
  • If needed, we will help to buy tickets to Hurghada and backs for the required dates.

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